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We are NOW accepting applications for GMs for the C.O.G.S. Gaming "Dead of Winter" February Mini Con (application deadline 1/13/19 at Midnight):

GM Applications

Advance ticket sales for the C.O.G.S. Gaming "Dead of Winter" February Mini Con, 2/16-2/17, are LIVE:

Event Tickets

C.O.G.S. is thrilled to announce our second mini gaming con to be held February 16-17, 2019! This is a separate event from the COGS Expo 2019 Steampunk Celebration in May 2019, and will help to build excitement and participation for the C.O.G.S. Gaming exhibition planned for the Expo!


This event also serves to bring the community together during the darkest, coldest time of the year. And we've listened to what YOU want! We have moved to a larger game shop that can accommodate more spectators, allow for more individual games to be played, and allows us to have the room to offer a High Tea Saturday afternoon!


Our theme is "Dead of Winter" and we are hoping to have some ZOMBIE-themed games to offer, as well as Steampunk, and non-zombie, non-Steampunk gaming. Whether you like RPGs, tabletop, or wargames, we’ll have something for you. The Portal Comics and Gaming offers more than 100 board and card games to play, making this a great opportunity to come out and try something new!